In Destined Legends, you spend your game leveling up your party and outfitting them with an arsenal of weapons. The goal is to defeat your opponent before they defeat you. It’s a fun and strategic tabletop card game that stays exciting time and time again.


One of the most amazing parts of Destined Legends is the artwork. We knew the art was a key part of engaging gamers, so we brought on talented artists Scott Ferguson and Cari Corene to bring this amazing world to life.


We wanted to get the most out of every card, and look good doing it. We take the art right to the edges of the card, making our incredible artwork pop, and creating more space for text.


Our cards are made from a tournament-grade high-density card stock called bluecore. So not only do our cards play great, they will also look great for years to come. Plus each unique card is individually numbered, so you know which cards you have, and what you still need to collect.