Corvink Chronicles DL Development [UPDATE]

Corvink Chronicles DL Development [UPDATE]

As you may know, Illustrator Denis Caron was an integral member of the Destined Legends development phase. He helped us refine the gameplay, design, and lore of the game. He even did the artwork for the Rare weapon card, Punisher. 

Funded with Kickstarter IV: I Heart Logistics

Funded with Kickstarter IV: I Heart Logistics

It is very apparent now why most of the time companies run businesses and not a single person that already has a full-time job. Of course if depends on the type of business that needs to be run. Either way, the process is immensely complex and is definitely at the very least a full-time job for one person, if not a team of at least 5.

Beta Test Info Burst

Here is a transcript of the info burst we sent out to all the testers: Hello Beta Testers,

The Beta Kits have been ordered and should be out to most of you by the end of January. International testers may receive their copies in early February. Below are the guidelines for the beta. Please read this message thoroughly.

1. Prepare for the game.

You will need a few things for the beta. The Kit includes 2 decks of 60 cards. One for Fire and one for Dark elements. We have also supplied you with a d12 die. We would also like to stress that the cards you are receiving are draft-quality and are nowhere near the professional-grade quality of the final product.

The Beta kit does not include some items that will be included with the final product. Aside from what we've supplied, you will need the following:

• At least 1, six-sided die. Having one per player may be beneficial. • Download the PDF of the "How to Play" [included in your infoburst email] • Something to track Health Points. Glass beads, or old game tokens are recommended. (Pen and Paper may also work, if preferred). Keep in mind that each player will be keeping track of 3-4 different sets of Health Points.

2. Play the game.

A clean, flat playing surface of around 18" x 24" is recommended for optimum organization during play. It may help to watch the "Basic Gameplay" video before you begin. Then, read the "How to Play" guide to learn the game's basic rules. Keep in mind that the included version of the guide is not final. Any feedback you have on the guide itself would be invaluable to us.

One difference between the beta and the final product is the way we handle Permanent Status Effects. In the final game, you will be provided with actual cards that represent each effect. For the beta we have provided you with a single page that replaces the cards (attached to this message). This will make more sense once you read the "How to Play" Guide.

We would prefer you play the game at least 3 times to understand it fully.

3. Join the Discussion (optional)

We have setup a special website for beta participants to voice their opinions with us in real time. Weather you want to work through some thoughts, or ask us questions about the rules of the game, this site will prove valuable to those who want to take their participation to the next level. We will also be posting important information about things along the beta, so we encourage you to at least sign up and skim through every now and again.

Join us online at

* the beta forums will be only available to official beta participants. When you sign up, we need to manually mark in the system as a tester. This may take up to 24 hours. It is very important that you register to the site with the same email you used to confirm your spot in the beta, so we can cross-check and give you access.

4. Give your feedback.

After playing the game at least 3 times, we would like you to fill out the beta survey (attached to [Info Burst Email]). Please fill out the form honestly. If you are unsure about a field, leave it blank. Inaccurate data may prove counterproductive to our feedback process.


Please keep in mind that the How to Play guide you are receiving is a draft version. There may be spelling or grammatical errors. We also haven't yet optimized the guide to provide the most efficient learning experience. If you don't understand any portion of the rules, please join us online at, or feel free to send us a message to

We appreciate your participation in our Beta as we work hard to finalize Destined Legends. This game would not be possible without your generous contributions. Have fun!

- The Destined Legends Team

With our Kickstarter funding in the books, we can now focus down...


With our Kickstarter funding in the books, we can now focus down on polishing the game itself. This week we resumed our play testing with a few friends. It definitely feels great playing the game again knowing that it will definitely be a reality. 

With that sense of relief comes a pretty big sense of urgency. Now that the game is going to be made, and has a launch deadline, we really have to make sure the game is flawless.

We tested with two new people. Both of them were gamers this time around, so it gave us a good sense of what established games think of it. Surely enough, they had a blast with it. We had a postmortem afterwards which gave me a pretty great feeling once they started to share their feedback. We wanted the good, and the bad. Incredibly enough, most of our discussion with the bad revolved around one single item card, and if it was over-powered. If the absolute worst thing veteran gamers can think to talk about is a single item card, then I’d say we’re in pretty good shape.

Our big focus for this game is to get the game polished and ready for the Closed Beta Test Program that we offered exclusively through Kickstarter. We should be shipping out the beta kits out to everyone in mid-January. 

Stay tuned for more.