Here is the final finished painting titled “Dueling...


Here is the final finished painting titled “Dueling Dragons,” by our card artist Cari Corene. It features the Ruby Dragon (Fire) and Onyx Dragon (Dark.) We will be using this piece for the two dragon cards that will be included in the Battle Set.

This piece absolutely blew me away. The vivid colors alone are awe inspiring. It couldn’t have turned out better. I can’t wait to see this piece in print. This is also the piece that we will be using for the game’s official box art.

Exciting stuff.

Here is the work in progress for Cari’s Dueling Dragons...


Here is the work in progress for Cari’s Dueling Dragons pice that will be used for the two cards: Onyx Dragon and Ruby Dragon. I think it’s really awesome to have them form one piece of art. What do you think?

I’m happy to update you on our Kickstarter Campaign with some pretty incredible numbers. We’re right on the cusp on 90% to goal of $10,000. And we’re on day 10! We have some pretty incredible stretch goals, so lets keep up the momentum, and thanks to all of you who have contributed already! 

Also we’ve made some pretty exciting announcements to celebrate our amazing progress! First we just opened our Closed Beta Test Program, where you can play the game early and voice your opinions on our second big announcement. Community Forums! Come hang with us and chat about the game, or whatever else you wanna talk about.

More details on our official update page.

Also head on over to Cari’s Tumblr page to give her you comments on the Dragons directly!