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Welcome back to exploring everything new in Lineage, our next release of Destined Legends. As you may have noticed, we're not holding anything back this time around. If you have been interested enough over the past couple months and have been reading along, I want to pause to personally thank you for your continued support.

One of the aspects of Destined Legends we are actually most proud of is the aspect that has been hidden from everyone; the Lore. While designing the card, we considered adding what is known as "flavor text" to the cards. Flavor text is a small amount text, usually one line or phrase, that is used as a brief description or insight into the fiction of that card. We ultimately decided against flavor text for the Genesis series, as we wanted to avoid the clutter it would add to the card. We also decided that it simply couldn't do the Lore of the game justice. We struggled for a while to find an alternative method of sharing the Lore of the Destined Legends universe, and I think we have come up with the right answer. 

Another few things that led to our idea was our desire to incorporate collectability. We take pride in the design and artwork of our game, and are personally huge fans of collecting. A game isn't very collectible if you can buy every card outright on day one. This was an inherent challenge. Another small factor are fans who love the artwork and want to support us in a way that lets them simply enjoy the art, without having to learn how to play a game. At the end of the day, Destined Legends has rich developed Lore, and would make for an incredible story.

As a way to satiate the various appetites mentioned above, this week we're announcing Destined Legends: Signature, a series of cards, that exist outside of the game. 

DL: Signature is presented as 251 cards (one card for every card in Lineage), but are a bit different that the game cards. For starters, there is no game. These cards are purely collectible. The front features full-spread artwork and little else other than the title and a border. The back will feature a bit more information about the card, as well as a few paragraphs of lore we're calling "Stories". 


Stories are small anecdotes that are directly related to the card. They may feature anything from a narrative to a journal entry to a historical record. The idea that these small "stories" will piece together to form the overall story of Destined Legends.

Front of Card example (not final)

Front of Card example (not final)

Back of Ca  rd example (not final)

Back of Card example (not final)


Collect and trade

The point of DL:Signature is for it to be collected. This means that it will be sold through randomized packs of 12 cards. Each pack will guarantee a certain number of certain types of cards. The cards will also be printed on a higher quality of card that is optimized for the best possible print quality versus durability. You won't be slapping these cards onto table tops so its a trade off we're happy to make to get that much more quality on the card.

We are also developing different card types like gold-sampled, foil-stamped, and holographic to represent the various rarities. 

The are much more details to go over, and we will in due time. We're in very early stages of development with this concept, so remember that much of this idea is subject to change.


Speaking of change, next week is the big one. Next week we will be talking about what all of these revel updates means for you and how you will be contributing to the future of the game. We've gone over most of the big changes to the game, and with your amazing positive feedback, feel pretty good about what we have to share with you all next week.

Keep it Legendary.

- Ali

Ali Showkati

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