Lineage Series: Dragons

When we first thought up Dragons, we weren't sure how they would play into the game. We knew they had to be special, do a large amount of damage over a short period of time, and be seriously epic. We want them to be game-changers. When you see a dragon his the battle grid, I want you to think "oh crap, i better watch out!"

Currently, the dragons depend heavily on randomized targets, there's no real way to strategize with them. We have given Dragons some major brain-time internally and think we've hit the magic with dragons for Lineage.

In Lineage, dragons will have 3 abilities, just like a weapon card. The first two will be some combination of action ability, counter, or skill. This gives you direct control over the dragon, making them contribute to your battle strategy in a very tangible way.

In addition to the two abilities is the the thing that will define your whole play style with the new Dragons, the "Final" ability. Every Dragon will have a "Final" that can be used to unleash massive amounts of damage to your enemies. After using a final ability, your Dragon is discarded. You can wait as long as you want before using your Final. You can use it immediately after summoning, or you can use it in a few turns, after suing some normal abilities first. But here's the kicker-- Your Dragon still has HP, and if it is defeated before you have a chance to use the "Final", thats it! You've just lost the chance to use it. So you will have to play smart and proceed with reverence.


We have a really good feeling for this adjustment to dragon cards. I can't wait to get all of your reactions to some of the amazing abilities we've come up with for them. Here's an example of the Water Dragon in the new format.

Oh and the Dragon's health will now scale through a few levels, making them a bit more versatile. 


Tune in next week, as we chat a bit about what we're planning to get you more of the lore of Destined Legends.

Keep it Legendary,


Ali Showkati

I am Ali Showkati.