Lineage Series: Aggressive Creatures


This week's update is a bit of a tricky one. As you may know, the next series of Destined Legends is currently in development. There are some fun things we are working on in regards to creatures that still need to be ironed out. However, the general concept of what we're doing with Creature Cards was too exciting for us to pass up talking about. It is one of the cornerstones of the Lineage series and one we think will be a lot of fun.

In series 1, Genesis, Creatures only ever possessed a Counter ability. This is because Creatures serve little more purpose than a means to level up. This time around, we're making Creatures much more interesting and much more relevant to battle. In Lineage, creatures will have two abilities. Those abilities may be Physical or Elemental attacks, Counters, and even Skills. This means that Creatures have to ability to attack targets outside of those who just attack them.

Here is an example of what this looks like:


Adding this to Creatures opens the doors to some pretty amazing possibilities in regards to gameplay variant. We have always had a vision where Destined Legends can be played in many different ways, and this helps to make that prospect an even more interesting one. 

The main driver of this addition is a new gameplay variant we are calling "Beastmaster." The basic premise involves you controlling one very special Legend, known as a "Beastmaster Legend" that has the ability to control Creatures. The variant will be one on one Player vs. Player, but in place of Weapons, you will be using Creatures to fight. We will have much more information on this gameplay variant including detailed rules in the coming months.


In regards to that standard game, you can include the "Beastmaster Legend" of your element and utilize Creatures to your advantage in battle. I believe this will add a very dynamic and interesting new layer of fun to the game.

There are still a few little surprises for us to summon up for you. Join us next week as we take a closer look at Dragons.

Keep it Legendary.


Ali Showkati

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