Lineage Series: Ability Types and Status Effects

This week in our deep dive into Destined Legends: Lineage we are touching some some cool new refinements coming to ability types and status effects.

Ability Types

The most notable piece of feedback we got for Destined Legends was in regards to Direct Damage and Physical vs. Elemental abilities. The quick version is that Direct Damage was depicted by a large number in the right side of the card, next to the ability name. 


If the ability possessed this number, it meant that it caused "Direct Damage". This meant that the ability could be countered by the target it was performed on. If the ability didn't have a number, it cause "Indirect Damage" and it then wouldn't elicit a counter. ...Quite separately, we had a concept of "Elemental" and "Physical damage". The only place this mattered was in reference to "Blind" and "Mute" status effects, which would stop the use of physical and elemental abilities respectively, from the target affected. It also played into the positive status effects of "Wall" and "Aura", which again, reduced physical and elemental damage respectively. 

Common player feedback revolved around confusion of Physical and elemental damage and direct vs. indirect damage being related when they weren't. So we decided to simplify things. In Lineage, we are effectively dropping direct and indirect damage from our vocabularies. The new ability types are as follows. I think you will agree that it get rid of any confusion that may have been present.


Another point to call out with this new assortment of abilities is that Counters themselves are no longer defined as "Physical" or "Elemental", therefore not affected by WALL, AURA, BLIND, or MUTE.This leads us to our new approach to Status Effects.

"In Lineage, we are effectively dropping direct and indirect damage from our vocabularies."


One of our own internal goals was to improve the pace of the game. Through our own internal testing, we found that player tracking of Status Effects over multiple turns, slowed things down. The culprit here is Permanent Status effects. Noticeable issues arose during upkeep. Sometimes we even noticed players often forgetting the progression of the Status Effect altogether.

We spent some time trying to find a solution, and our solution is to shorten and intensify. We want the effects to feel immediately detrimental and require almost no tracking across turns. In Lineage all Status Effects last until the end of the affected target's next phase. Essentially, they are all Temporary Status Effects. In addition to that, we decided to simplify Status Effects to a core set of essentials. Most Permanent Status Effects are being removed and the abilities that used them will be adjusted to provide alternative or more creative effects.

"We want the effects to feel immediately detrimental and require almost no tracking across turns."

This also allows us to cook up abilities that call for a certain Status Effect to be held over multiple turns until a specific other event occurs.

Simplifying Status Effects in this manner helps keep things moving at a quicker pace, with less need for reference and tracking. Below is the list of Status Effects you will find in Destined Legends: Lineage. Keep in mind that this isn't a final list, and it may continue to grow and change as development continues.


The newcomers are HEX and VIRTUE. As you can see they are opposites of each other, but they each play a very large role in the game, beyond what they already do. HEX and VIRTUE will act as markers, that proc specific ability effects. In the example below, you can see that VIRTUE plays into the different abilities, and also shows the complementary nature of the abilities in Lineage. There's lots more examples of this throughout the entire series and should make the weapons and their abilities feel more exciting and unique.


The important thing to call out about this new simplification is that it isn't a method to rebalance the game, only to simplify the course of the turn. This means that you can continue to use cards that call for Permanent Effects, just remember to keep track of them ;P


Next week we open the doors wide open to Aggressive Creatures. I think there is plenty of hints right in that title (We're not being terribly cryptic here). 

Keep it Legendary.

- Ali

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