Lineage Series: New Design

We have been working very hard over the past 2 years on the evolution of Destined Legends. This week we are showing you how that evolution manifests in the design of the card. And here it is. Behold, the revamped Destined Legends card design.

So there obviously a lot to unpack here. Lets start with the look. The original cards were an incredible feat of design. They managed to deliver a lot of important game information in an easy to read and beautiful design. The design goal was clear. Design something that had personality, was easy to read and understand, and maximized the artwork. We managed to cover over 40% of the face of the card with artwork, and our cards look incredible for it. 

One are of opportunity for the original design was its printability. In other words, the card looked incredible on our computers and online, but it turns out that it lost some of its design luster in print. We came to learn that heavy design elements like gradients and shadows don't translate to print as well as we would prefer. In a perfect world, we would print our cards at 1200 dpi resolution and the cards would look as stellar as they look digitally. 

Design something that had personality, was easy to read and understand, and maximized the artwork.

So we re-approched the design. We wanted to stick to the core of our design; what made Destined Legends stand out. We decided to keep the strong and clear typography and bold top-bar design. On top of that we worked in harder lines and more subtle gradients. We also took the opportunity to make certain elements more clear and identifiable. The damage of an ability is now more integrated into the main ability name bar, giving more space for the description below it. Harder black lines separate the abilities more clearly to avoid confusion and clutter. 

The overall design is much cleaner, but still distinctively Destined Legends. The result is a design that will print much sharper and easier to read during play. Below is an example of a card from Genesis that has been rebalanced and presented in the new design for Lineage.

Tip of the iceberg

This is just the beginning of our journey through revealing the awesomeness that is Destined Legends: Lineage. Stick tuned for next week's update as we begin to explore the evolution of gameplay and mechanics.

Keep it Legendary.

- Ali


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