Lineage Series: New Cards

Last week we revealed the official name for the second series of Destined Legends, called Lineage. To get some perspective on todays update, lets travel back to 2013. 

The development of Destined Legends was a very intensive and lengthly one. The nature of the game meant that there was a lot of considerations to make. There isn't anything out there quite like DL, so most of the mechanics were developed from scratch, then balanced over the course of two years. Due to this fact, along with budget considerations, we decided to focus our efforts on releasing a game that was as fine-tuned and balanced as possible. This lead us to focus on two elements, Dark and Fire. Thanks to an unimaginably successful Kickstarter campaign, we were afforded the ability to also dabble in Water and Earth, but thats all it was, a dabble. 

In the end, we released Series 1 of Destined Legends, and named it Genesis. It featured 75 unique cards across the four elements mentioned above.

As you might be able to tell from the very nature of Destined Legends, we have a strict go big or go home policy at Decobot. That's why for the past couple years we have been hard at work, developing the game for an admittedly ambitious follow-up. Lineage will contain 251 unique cards across the 6 elements of Fire, Dark, Water, Earth, Air, and Light. The cards will feature more Legends, more Weapons, and more Items than before per element. There are also some new card types that we'll touch on in future updates.



Our stance with collecting Destined Legends has been, and always will be, that you should be able to be able to directly purchase all cards of the collection. We don't want the person who had invested the most money in randomized packs to be the most powerful player. Destined Legends is a game of skill and strategy, and there is no better test that having everyone on an even playing field. 

In Lineage, every card that is considered important to the game will be purchasable. All cards will fall into one of three "Ranks". The Ranks are Core, Epic, and Promo. "Core" cards are all of the cards that are essential to the game. This will make up the bulk (about 80%) of the collection. "Core" cards will be available through the purchase of the Lineage line of products. "Epic" cards are cards that are about 20% of the total collection. (think rare or ultra rare from other card games). "Epic" cards are not necessary to the game, but will make for some exciting and... well... epic additions to the game (Think Daxtes, Glass Dragon, and Jacqueline from Series 1). Epic cards will be attainable through some fun and exciting new ways that we are not quite prepared to announce right now, but the important thing is that it will be sure-fire. So if you are a collector, you will get them. There will be another surprise in store for "Epic" cards, more on that later on. "Promo" cards are the cards that are made for special events and promotions and will never be available for sale later on. We'll talk more about promo cards as we get closer to release, but they are designed to be outside of the numbered collection. 


The takeaway is that will be able to collect all 251 cards for far far far less cost than you would in a typical trading card game, and I think we can manage to make it feel just as special.


Having said that, we know that some people like the idea of collecting via random packs, and we like how that can make special cards... well... special. Because of this we are working on some exciting things that will exist outside of the game to satiate that appetite. More on that in the not too distant future.

On Dark and Fire

As we continue to fine-tune the game, we found it necessary to revisit the Fire and Dark cards, released in Genesis. We have done extensive testing on all previous cards and have already made some adjustments to bring them more in-line with the balance of the rest of the elements. The vitalness of the re-release of these cards will become very apparent as we continue to reveal more of whats new in Lineage over the coming weeks.

To differentiate repeated cards from their Genesis counterparts, we will strive to provide new artwork or most of the cards. This will help keep Genesis cards more collectible and unique.

The key thing that you will undoubtedly want to know is that all cards from Genesis will be compatible with the cards in Lineage. We're not reinventing the game, just embracing the natural evolution of the series.


There is much more information about the next series of Destined Legends that we will be discussing in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned. Next week, we will highlight some of the design evolutions in Lineage.

Keep it Legendary.

- Ali

Ali Showkati

I am Ali Showkati.