"Learn to Play" Videos


This week I am happy to announce that we will finally be delivering to you our official Learn to Play video series. This series of videos comes after much anticipation, but they have been worth the wait.

We are making the final preparation to the videos and will post them over the next couple weeks to our new YouTube page. If you fancy yourself a YouTube junky, be sure to click on over to our page and subscribe to get all the videos delivered to you as they go live. We will also be posting them to our handy dandy Guides page, so look out for them there as well.

The video series will feature four videos, covering the major aspects of how to play the game in much more detail, and should prove to help out new gamers and veterans alike. The videos will be released two per week wight he following schedule (available now):

One last quick thing we ask is that you leave a comment over on YouTube with your thoughts on the videos. We are a glutton for feedback and want to know how you are all enjoying the vids. We hope this will pave the way for a 10000% increase in video content in the future... starting with that next weekend...

  • Destined Legends Special Reveal - 7/19

I hope your interest is peaked. We're all barely containing our excitement on this one. There are some great things ahead in the world of Destined Legends.

Until then...

Ali, out.

Ali Showkati

I am Ali Showkati.