Destined Legends on Amazon

Hey everyone. As you may know, the team is currently in the thick of development for Series 2 of Destined Legends. This next series is shaping up to be epic and we will have lots more information over the next couple months. Until then, we need your help. 

We had an absolute blast meeting you fans at the conventions this past summer. It was awesome to hear all of your love and feedback for the game. We want everyone to hear what you have to say about Destined Legends, an now we have a way to do that. 

Destined Legends is now listed on Amazon. Not only does that mean you can buy the game on Amazon, it means that you can drop by to just review the game. 

So we're asking a favor to all of those who have supported the game or have played. It would mean the world to us if you can write a review for our game on Amazon. Your reviews will help spread the word about Destined Legends and also prove as an awesome resource for anyone else who might be interested in the game. 

Ali Showkati

I am Ali Showkati.