Destined Legends: Lineage - Series Reveal

For the past two years we have been hard at work, developing the next step in the Destined Legends journey. What started as an expansion, very quickly evolved into a gigantic evolutionary leap forward. We hope that this new journey will bring the ultimate, and definitive Destined Legends experience to everyone.

I am excited to announce the second series of the Destined Legends card game, titled Lineage.

Over the next couple months we will be outlining all of the new hotness with this next series. Lineage is still in development and will be for some time. Since we see this as the definitive Destined Legends experience, we want to do it right. The community will have an awesome opportunity to shape Lineage is a very real way.

We will spend the next 7 weeks outlining each new evolution in Destined Legends: Lineage. We will outline a new topic every week, Wednesday at 9AM, starting this week. So be sure to check back every week for another tasty nugget of information. We will also be outlining the new features, as they are announced, over at the official Lineage page. 

There is a lot of exciting topics to discuss, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts. Until then, check out the teaser below.

Ali, out.

Ali Showkati

I am Ali Showkati.