How to Play Beta F.A.Q.

[UPDATE] Here is the F.A.Q. from the January beta posted for the public to see. Please keep in mind that some gameplay mechanics may be different in the final release. This should still serve well for those of you still playing the beta. *****

This post will be updated periodically with submitted question about the How to Play Guide. Check back often. It might answer a question you didn't even know you had! If you would like to discuss any particular point, please post it as a new post.

[Updated 1/26/13, 8:42 PST.]

Can you select a target behind you?

Yes, as long as it is still within Range of what you're doing.

What is the range of item cards? What is the range of Counter abilities?

Anything that is not defined specifically by a range, has unlimited range. So an item can be used on any tile on the grid, and counters always go back to their attacker, no matter the range. (This may change for the final to ensure compatibility with future gameplay variants.)

If I have rolled to try and attack with a weapon, but don’t hit any number on the card, can I still attack with melee?

No. That results in a miss. You can only perform a Melee if you don't have a weapon equipped.

Protip: If a melee is enough to finish off a foe. Don't run the risk with your weapon. Remove your weapon and finish it off with the Melee.

Do effects that increase your charge number increase the actual die roll? Example: Jayden equipped with Masamune charges with a 2, uses specialist to make it a 3, attacks with Slash Storm. Does the +1 from Specialist increase Slash Storm’s damage? (I’ve assumed no thusfar – “charge number” and “die roll” are distinct numbers)

It would not. You are correct in assuming that "Charge" and "Roll Number" are different things.

Can a Legend that equips a dual element weapon use an elemental ability outside of his element? Example: Can a Dark Legend use Dragon Lance’s Raid Strike ability?

As long as your Legend and Weapon's element (top right of the card) match, you can use any ability on the card. (We are going to drop the color coding in the bottom half of those cards to make this less confusing.)

Concerning bleed. It says on the Bleed cards that it is cured by healing HP. Does this include the HP gain when levelling? In other words, does levelling cure Bleed?

It does not. Gaining HP doesn't count as "healing".

[Updated 1/23/13, 1:04 PST.]

Can a cast item hit the entire board?

Yes, items can be cast on any tile on the Battle Grid.

Do you gain a level when defeating an enemy Legend?

You only gain levels from defeating creatures.

Can blinded Legends counter if they have no weapon equipped?

Blind unarmed Legends cannot counter. Both unarmed "Melee" attacks and counters are physical.

If you kill a monster with an item, does that count as an attack, or does the loot go to the player whose legend last damaged the monster?

It does count as an attack. The last player to damage the creature in any way, get the level. (We're working on a concise definition for this that won't mislead players)

Do the numbers on for example the berserk card also mean the amount of turns it lasts? Or does it just last 3 turns. For that matter, does for example Bleed last forever until cured or does it last the amount of empty boxes on the cards?

It goes the the number of empty boxes in the middle of the card. number's will only be there if they are important to the definition of the effect. So with Berserk, on your first turn, it increases your physical abilities by 5, next turn 3, and final turn 1. And since Bleed is consistent for all 3 turns, it does not have numbers in the box.

[Updated 1/20/13, 12:58 PST.]

Playing  Dragons – Can you play a dragon in any space on the battle grid? Just the middle row like creatures?  Any row but your opponent’s stay row? Also, is there a level or tier restriction to play a dragon? If not, it seems to add a massive luck component top the game.

You can cast a dragon to any open tile on the battle grid. You must also be the level of the dragon or higher to cast it. (In the battle set, both dragons are level 5, so you must be level 5 or higher to cast them.)

Can a 1st tier player equip any 1st tier weapon, or can you only equip weapons whose level you have reached? Example: Is a first turn level 3 Scimitar legal?

No. Since weapons have a specific single level, your party must be that level to use the weapon. So in your example, you must be level 3 or higher to use Scimitar.

What determines who plays first? 

Each player rolls a die. The highest goes first.

Do defeated enemies/legends with a counter ability get one final chance to attack, or are they immediately discarded?

Since they are dead, they do not have the opportunity to counter. Discard the creature immediately.

Why would the first player ever do anything besides moving each legend 1 and attempting to kill an enemy legend?

You can do that if you like. However, since melee counters are always successful, and a successful counter pushes the attacker back one tile, your opponent will stop your assault and can proceed to level up normally.

[Updated 1/17/13, 12:25 PST.]

When a party levels up, do they gain the difference in HP, fully heal, or something else? For example, if each Legend starts at 10 HP, then one Legend takes 3 damage, then you level up, what is the HP of each of your Legends?

You only gain the difference and retain any damage you've received. Essentialy +5 HP every time you level.

When a Legend dies, what happens to his/her weapons?

The weapon gets discarded.

Can Legends share weapons? I assume not, given that you can return weapons to your hand to redistribute to other Legends.

They cannot share, you have to return weapons to your hand to redistribute to other Legends during their phase. You can only change weapons before you attack. This prevents you from being able to use 1 weapon for your whole party.

Can players deck themselves? i.e., when they run out of cards to draw in their libraries, what happens (Reshuffle, lose the game, don't draw anymore cards for the rest of the game)?

You simply don't draw anymore cards for the rest of the game.

This is somewhat explained in the rules, but I was wondering what a creature's level is. When you say "defined by your level", what does that mean with regards to opponent's creatures? Can we even fight opponent's creatures (I'm assuming we can)? Let's say I'm level 5, and my opponent is level 3. I cast a tier 2 creature, meaning it is a level 5 creature (even if I change levels in the future--this was explained in the F.A.Q.). However, what level is the creature to my opponent, assuming my opponent can interact with my creatures?

If you are level 5 and cast a Tier 2 creature, that creature is level 5. If you look on the creature card you'll see how much HP it has at that level. If your opponent is level 3 and casts a tier 1 creature, you are welcome to fight that creature, but it remains at level 3, meaning you don't level up if you kill it. If your level 3 opponent played a tier 2 creature, however, it would be level 4 (the lowest possible) and you could fight and gain a level off of it.

Can you kill your own dragon? I assume so, but I would like to be clear.

Yes, anytime you see the word "target", it refers to anyone on the battle grid. So yes, that even means you can use a potion on an opponent Legend, if you want.