Pre-Order Launches May 6th

Battle Set

It is our pleasure to announce that Destined Legends will primarily be sold through, our official company website. This will ensure the absolute best shopping experience and the assurance that we will treat all patrons with the attention and appreciation you all deserve for contributing to our success. We plan on branching out to other vendors both online and brick & mortar, but this is an incredible first step for DL! Our official pre-order begins on Monday, May 6th, at 12:01 AM Pacific. Be sure to place your order quickly to ensure you get in on the first run. Advantages of the first run include a first edition (1ED) badge on the bottom of every card and also the first edition Battle Set features gold foil stamping on the box. Future runs of the game will feature silver stamping. Here is a snazzy ad to get you excited for the game.

Below is an official breakdown of the Destined Legends™ launch products:

Collector's Bundle - $49

The Collector's Bundle is a very special package that will be very interesting to those who missed our Kickstarter Campaign. The Bundle includes:

  • First Edition "Combustion vs. Eradication Battle Set"
  • First Edition "Earth Sideboard"
  • First Edition "Water Sideboard"
  • Destined Legends™ "Playboard"
  • Rare Cards Pack
  • "Mark of the Dragon" T-Shirt

With this package, you get the t-shirt for $2! Not to mention 4 bonus rare cards. Its quite the package. Get it while it last.

'Combustion vs. Eradication' Battle Set
'Combustion vs. Eradication' Battle Set

Destined Legends™ Products

Combustion vs. Eradication Battle Set - $29

Jump into Destined Legends with the First Edition run of this 2-player set. This set features the fury of Fire with the "Combustion" deck, and the deception of Dark with the "Eradication" deck. The Battle Set also includes everything else you need, including Chessex™ premium dice, and HP tokens. Ships in July.

Earth Sideboard - $5

Expand your Destined Legend experience with this 15-card fixed Earth element expansion. Swap out 15 cards from Combustion or Eradication to get a taste of Defence with Sequoia and her arsenal. Ships in July.

Water Sideboard - $5

Expand your Destined Legend experience with this 15-card fixed Water element expansion. Swap out 15 cards from Combustion or Eradication to get a taste of Control with Zol and his arsenal. Ships in July.

Playboard - $9

Take you game one step further with our durable full-color fold-out Playboard. The Playboard is designed to keep your game organized while you play. It is constructed of a durable linen-wrapped chipboard similar to those used in your favorite board games. Ships in July.

"Mark of the Dragon" T-Shirt - $19

The "Mark of the Dragon" tee features artwork by our very own D.Caron. This black shirt features the "Genesis" series logo in celebration of our World Premiere. Ships in July.

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