Off to the Presses


Destined Legends development has finally come to a close and it has officially entered production. Production will be a big and arduous process of its own, but its nice to have the grind of development behind us... for now. What does this mean for our timeline?

We originally estimated that Destined Legends would be out in August. The turnaround for production is much quicker than we had anticipated, so there is a good chance that Destined Legends will be out much sooner than August. However, we will keep the official date as August for a number of reasons.

As attentive and detail oriented we have been during development, we are still relatively new to the world of mass production. We don't anticipate any delays, but you never know. There may be some logistical things that will prevent us from releasing early.

Having said that we're pretty optimistic about our debut this summer and can't wait to get it in your hands.

Ali Showkati

I am Ali Showkati.