With our Kickstarter funding in the books, we can now focus down...

With our Kickstarter funding in the books, we can now focus down on polishing the game itself. This week we resumed our play testing with a few friends. It definitely feels great playing the game again knowing that it will definitely be a reality. 

With that sense of relief comes a pretty big sense of urgency. Now that the game is going to be made, and has a launch deadline, we really have to make sure the game is flawless.

We tested with two new people. Both of them were gamers this time around, so it gave us a good sense of what established games think of it. Surely enough, they had a blast with it. We had a postmortem afterwards which gave me a pretty great feeling once they started to share their feedback. We wanted the good, and the bad. Incredibly enough, most of our discussion with the bad revolved around one single item card, and if it was over-powered. If the absolute worst thing veteran gamers can think to talk about is a single item card, then I’d say we’re in pretty good shape.

Our big focus for this game is to get the game polished and ready for the Closed Beta Test Program that we offered exclusively through Kickstarter. We should be shipping out the beta kits out to everyone in mid-January. 

Stay tuned for more.