Destined Legends Series 2: What to Expect


Incase you missed it, we announced on Sunday that have begun active development on series 2 of Destined Legends. Here is a brief overview of what you can look forward to in this next series (subject to change).

More Cards

What would a whole new series of Destined Legends be without an all-new collection of cards. Series 2 will feature even more cards than Genesis did. You can expect closer to 100 new cards this time around.

More Variants

Our original vision for Destined Legends included its expandability. Designing cards to be more self-contained allows us to create different Gameplay Variants to keep Destined Legends fresh and fun for much longer than typical card games. We want to realize that vision in a more official capacity this time around, so we are developing some exciting variants that will be available at launch of series 2.

More Elements

Series 2 will focus on two new elements for the battle decks and even more elements for the sideboards. These new elements will grant you mush more options for strategy as you explore more advanced play-styles.

More Versions

We want to greatly expand the Destined Legends product line to appeal to even more people around the world. Giving you more options in the store lets you customize your Destined Legends experience.

More... Later

We've just gotten started on Series 2. Most of the information we've given you is vague simply because we haven't made any final decision on the specifics of the game. Keep it locked right here for all Series 2 announcements throughout the year. You can also subscribe to our newsletter in the sidebar and receive regular updates as well as early access to content and exclusive coupons.

Ali Showkati

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