Destined Legends Launch Guide

It's finally here! After much anticipation, Destined Legends has successfully launched and we are so excited for all of you incredible supporters to be receiving and playing our game. A lot of love has gone into this game and I hope it shows.  


To help jump-start your Destined Legends experience we've put together some information that you might find helpful. 

New Website

Due to many reasons including the heavy amount of spam on our previous Destined Legends site, we have decided to unify our company site with the Destined Legends official site. Presenting the hew will now simply bring you right to the Destined Legends section of our website. We also have a new and improved store section for an even more streamlined shopping experience. We are pretty excited for the new site and we hope you enjoy it. 

Helpful Downloads

There are several downloads that you might find useful.  

  1. How to Play Guide (With Updated Decklists) - Digital Download PDF
  2. Geneses Series Decklist - Digital Download PDF
  3. How to Use Sideboards - Digital Download PDF

Video Tutorials

Now that the games are on their way out, we will be shifting gears a bit to develop video tutorials. These videos will be an invaluable asset as our entire community begins to learn the game. We will be rolling out the videos over the next couple weeks. I, Ali, will be making the videos, and Shawn, our lead gameplay developer, will begin work straightaway on our next series. But more on that later on.

Have a Question

Until the videos come out, you may have some questions about the gameplay. We encourage that you ask your question as a comment at the "How to Play Ask Away" post in the DL Community Blog. We will be notified of every post and respond as quick as possible with answers.


Manticore Correction

We experienced one small hiccup during our production. Unfortunately, it was too late to catch it for the first edition run of the game. The error came when our printers printed the Manticore card using an outdated file. We sent them a corrected file, but they ended up using the old file instead of the new. Sufficed to say, we weren't happy.

The only real problem is that the Manticore Creature Card shows having much less HP per level than it should have. We didn't want this to inhibit the Destined Legends experience for anyone so we went ahead and had them print us 4 Manticores with the proper HP. 

The game is shipped with this correction by default. A small batch has gone out with only a single correction. If you received only one correction , or if you haven't received a correction at all, be sure to submit our request form, and we'll send them out to you straightaway. 

One other thing with the Manticore is that we used it as an opportunity to test a new kind of paper stock that we plan on using for the future runs of Destined Legends. The game currently uses blue-core, a high-grade dense game card stock. Since then , we've been researching even higher grades of card stock.  So the Manticore correction cards are printed on this higher grade "black-core" stock. We believe this to be one of the highest grades of paper available to print on and it shows. The colors are more vibrant, more accurate, and the card itself is even more resilient to damage. Black core will certainly be the future of our game, so we hope you enjoy this little preview to the future of Destined Legends.

Ali Showkati

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