Orders are Shipping!

We have begun shipping all Kickstarter and Preorders to you now. You can expect your order to arrive differently depending on which categories you fit under below. Please read the sections that apply to you.

US Kickstarter Backers

Due to the scale of our kickstarter, US backers will not be receiving a tracking number. Since by the time we get them to everyone, you will most likely have your game already. You can expect your order to arrive within this next week. The Labor Day weekend may delay some orders to the East Coast.

International Kickstarter Backers

International backers will be receiving a tracking number since delivery will naturally take longer. You can expect to receive your tracking number within the next week.

Kickstarter Backers who are receiving art prints

We noticed a defect on a small batch of our prints, it has been fixed and we will be receiving them within this week. This means that your orders may be an additional few days out for both International and US backers.


Our streamlined process allowed us to ship out to you as well. US preorders will arrive within this next week and international orders a few days past that.

New Customers

With the games mostly out, we are ready to receive new orders. The ship time has dropped from 2-3 weeks to 1 week.

If you have any questions or concerns, please click over to our new Support page and send submit the form.

Thank you all for your patience. Now that the games our out, we can't wait for your feedback. Check out our comprehensive Launch Guide for some great information on getting started with DL.

We hope you all enjoy the game!

Ali Showkati

I am Ali Showkati.