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when it comes to movement, after you move forwards and do all the fighting, after you finish are you able to move your legend back out of the middle row if they moved forward, or does this depend if you defeated the monster or legend you fought? I ask this because when you first fight and have no weapons, it takes at least two legends to move up into the middle row to defeat that first creature, and if you can’t move back, when your opponent places a creature into the middle row, they can’t move up their legends to fight because your’s are in the way if you can’t move them back.

There are a few different point to touch on here.

First, Movement is step 3 during your turn. You can only move once during your turn. You cannot move back after you finish your attack. Because of this, you should be careful with your decisions to move, since it might leave you vulnerable to enemy attack.

Second, you do not need to be in the same row as your enemy to attack, usually. Your range is dependent on the abilities on your weapon. The number to the left of the ability name defines its range. Most abilities are Range 1, meaning you can be a maximum of 1 row away and be in range. This means you can stay in your initial row and attack the center row. Also, a successful counter pushes back the attacker by 1 row (if possible). Pages 7 and 11 in the How to Play guide, break down movement and ability types in more detail.

When you summon a creature, does it do any form of attacking besides countering your own?

All of the creatures in this series only have Counters. That means that they only react when attacked. Page 11 in the How to Play guide outlines how to tell if an ability is a counter.

Can you counter if you are unarmed? if so how does that work?

You can absolutely counter unarmed. Whenever you are unarmed, you follow the "Melee" rules. This means that you have a guaranteed hit equal to your Tier (1, 2, or 3). The same applies when you are attacked when unarmed. See the Melee Box at the bottom of Page 8 in the How to Play guide for more details.

When using roslynns tactician power it says to select any ability to become immune to, I’ve been using to make it so roslynn can’t be hit by the targets counter, is that allowed in the rules or am I using it wrong?

For Roslynn's Tactician ability, you must choose a specific ability from a card in play. For instance, I can choose to be immune to the Temple Wolf's Glamour ability, or to Flamberge's Incinerate ability.

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