Lineage, the second series of Destined Legends, will feature over 250 cards, spanning the six elements of Dark, Light, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. The new series will feature artwork from many more artists from around the word. Plus, new card types enable even more interesting gameplay variants.

The new series will feature rebalanced and reimagined cards from the Genesis series.


We’ve redesigned the card face to give them greater clarity. As a result, important information is made more prominent on the cards. The color pallet has been refined and graphical chrome has been reduced to increase legebility and to improve print quality.

The overall design is much cleaner, but still distinctively Destined Legends.


Of the best parts of Destined Legends is the ability to control how you play. Each element features its own playstyle and tactical strategy.

In Lineage we’re introducting the concept of subclasses to take that point to the next level. Each element will feature a primary and a special subclass, giving you greater definition and control over how you build your deck.


We took a closer look on the different ability types in Destined Legends and how they impact the game on a turn-by-turn basis. In Lineage, the different ability types have a much more distinct identity and have more specific impact in battle. 

We’ve combined this with a refined status-effect system that is designed to provide the player with less upkeep, more creative and unique abilities, and  preserves the focus on gameplay rather than mechanics.


Aggressive Creatures

In the Genesis series, Creatures could only react to being attacked as they were only ever outfitted with a Counter Ability.

In Lineage, Creatures can posess any type of Ability. This opens the doors to more interesting battles with creatures that attack on their own and even player-controlled creatures, used for combat.


We have reimagined our approach to Dragons in Lineage. You will have more direct control of your dragons, making them not only more lethal in battle, but seriously more epic.


With Lineage we’re throwing the doors wide open to the way were presenting the Lore of Destined Legends with “Stories.”

Each card in the game will be tied to an individual story, weaving together the grander universe of Destined Legends.