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Destined Legends was designed with expandability in mind. Use the cards you have along with new aggressive creatures in the multiplayer competetive gamemode, Beastmaster. Its an entirely new way to become a Legend.


Beastmaster will serve as our entry into the next collection of cards, or series, called Lineage. This new series will feature over 250 unique cards when complete, and Beastmaster is just the beginning.


Beastmaster’s play-style uses all of the core Destined Legends rules. Take turns defeating creaturs to level up, expand your arsenal, and defeat your opponent. However, this time, you creatures are also your weapons, and you can take posession of ancient Relics to give your Legends added skills. 

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We want the Lineage series and the new Beastmaster gamemode to be the best it can be, so we have decided to open this exciting new gamemmode to everyone. The first two Beastmaster decks, fire and dark, and are now available to eveyone to test. Download the print-and-play copy and be part of this bold new journey. Coming Soon.